Just do it!!

I’ve just come back from another inspirational day at Loughborough University, with my son Tom. I love watching the athletes train and do drills, as their movement quality is really on point, I’d say ‘balletic’. To look and perform like this generally implies hours and hours of doing the same techniques. This hones their movement for their sport so when required, the body pe...
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Holiday workouts ideas!

bristol personal training
A brief blog this week just to say I hope you are all making the best of the summer holidays? Whilst we are away on holiday, it can certainly be time to take stock, relax and take some well earned time out. I personally like to build workouts into my holiday as I feel better for it! I also have a tendency to overeat - especially if it’s an all inclusive, so it at least readdress’s s...
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Keeping on track….

I hope this blog finds you exactly where you want to be with your 2018 health, fitness and wellness goals? Just to say don’t worry if you are not totally on track. The pathway to your goals is never uniform and straight, it’s very up and down. That’s perfectly normal. I have to admit my pathway deviated a little over the festive period and I was glad to get back to a ‘normal’ r...
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