Ketogenic eating – 10 lessons learnt!

A year experiment and 10 lessons learnt; That whilst for some it can take a while to get into, and easy to get out of, a ketogenic state, I personally found huge benefits regardless of this. My body felt better, I felt better mentally and my overall wellness increased. So don’t worry too much are not truly in a ketogenic state. That, like any nutrition plan, but especially th...
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Ketogenic experiment Wk 4- cholesterol & fat!

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  I wanted to use most of this weeks blog looking at ketogenic eating, cholesterol & it's relationship with fats and health. Before I get into the meat of this article I wanted to just say that by researching this fascinating subject, my perceptions of cholesterol have truly been enlightened. Please excuse the length of the article, but I felt it was SO important to spread the w...
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