little things

Hoorah for the little things

bristol personal training
One of my successes this last few months has been the growth of these flowers, called Cosmos, in my vegetable patch. I planted them from seed and didn't expect much to happen, but as you can see from the photo they have blossomed into a spectacular display, as high as a door. I even cut them down to about one metre when they got too big, and they came back in abundance. It's ridiculous really...
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The little things that mean a lot

bristol personal trainer
This week my previously de-conditioned client reported another significant change in a daily activity that demonstrates an improvement in how his body moves: doing up his shoes with more ease. This is wonderful. He can now reach down to tie laces whereas he previously struggled with this action. A little thing that can mean a lot. His improvement has come about due to regular exercise for t...
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