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Self improvement..

Well, Christmas is rapidly approaching now and I hope it signals some time off for you with your loved ones? For the first time ever in my working life I’m going to be totally off between Christmas and New year.  It’s just one of the critical steps to bringing more balance in my life.  Another is re organising my work schedule to bring about more time for myself and...
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SAS or SAD?!

Why do you exercise? Serious question. For the majority of my clients, I’ve found it tends to be ‘weight’ change/ body composition improvements, or just ‘physically’ looking better. So, despite the obvious benefits of many exercise forms, especially from a health perspective, it’s ‘appearance’ that is a primary driver! I have to admit here, I would have included myself wi...
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Haters gonna’ hate!❤️ lessons in love!

  Lesson 10- appreciate who you are & what you have achieved & encourage others. I found this meme this week & I just love its sentiments! It got me thinking- wouldn't it be fantastic if we could offer encouragement to everyone for their achievements & be happy for them? I'm not too sure if it's an age thing, but there seems to be a little too much hate around for m...
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