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How to lower your BP without drugs

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The UK guidelines for blood pressure (BP) are as follows: Under 120 / 80 is desirable, 120 - 140 / 80 - 90 is elevated, with >140 / >90 being classed as hypertension stage 1. Recent revisions to US guidelines are slightly different, with >130/>80 now described as hypertension, in response to the increase in people with high BP. More than one in four adults in the UK have high BP. ...
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Heart surgeon speaks out on what really causes heart disease

This persuasive text I found today from a link on the Idea Health & Fitness website is written by a US heart surgeon and was published in a journal called Prevent Disease in 2012. It supports the popular hypothesis that low-fat, high-processed-carbohydrate diets cause excess chronic inflammation in the body, which is what leads to heart disease, diabetes and strokes. Although the article i...
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Low carbohydrate diet works for me and some of my clients

There is much acceptance now in the field of nutrition for dietary fat not to be shunned as the bad guy, and excess carbohydrate to be avoided. I think the facts show that a reliance on carbohydrates can lead to over production of insulin and, in the long term, glucose intolerance, and finally increased incidence of diabetes. My husband and I have eaten a low carbohydrate diet for nearly fo...
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