The gift of life!

I strongly believe that life is a gift. I do think a lot of the time we take it for granted, but it’s when you consider the odds of you being alive, you realise you really are, one of the lucky ones. On researching I found out that the chances of you being born are like 2.5 million people, rolling a trillion sided dice, and ending up with the same number!! Wow! Just Wow! So do we...
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Life’s beautiful journey….

After having a challenging couple of weeks I thought I'd write about my observations. I've actually struggled to write and missed two weeks of blogs, as my heads been a bit mushy. Il make no bones about it, it helps to share this as a cathartic process. I am however doing this so it might help others, going through similar thoughts, to get some solace. It's true what they say about life ...
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