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Help IS out there

I feel compelled to write this week on mental health. At first I wasn’t going to publish this but it’s close to my heart and very prevalent at the moment, so worth talking about.  I have heard of 3 young males taking their lives, in almost as many weeks, just from my clients, and those around me.  I thought suicide was on the increase but actually the stats say they are at an ...
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Freddy Mercury and the swimming duck!!

I’ve just finished watching the Bohemian Rhapsody, the film about the band Queen and Freddy Mercury - Wow! such a poignant film- I loved it! Tinged with both elements of sadness and happiness of varying degrees within the film. What struck me though was that underneath the public persona of the happy go lucky, party animal, was major inner turmoil and angst. But what can we...
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Love / Hate….

[caption id="attachment_2894" align="alignnone" width="300"] Going off track, it happens sometimes, even to me, and please understand it’s only human for it to happen, we are not all super heroes! (Well mostly not 😉) Why does this happen? What can you do? In lasts weeks blog, I wrote about carrying on with your goal journey, despite barriers/pitfalls along the way! The t...
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Keeping on track….

I hope this blog finds you exactly where you want to be with your 2018 health, fitness and wellness goals? Just to say don’t worry if you are not totally on track. The pathway to your goals is never uniform and straight, it’s very up and down. That’s perfectly normal. I have to admit my pathway deviated a little over the festive period and I was glad to get back to a ‘normal’ r...
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Switching Off!!

I took the decision this week to deactivate my personal facebook account. This can be picked up at another time of my choosing, but for now its on pause. It’s a double edged sword really because social media does help my business, and I do enjoy keeping in touch with friends, BUT I felt it was affecting my mental status in a negative way. I’ve set up a business face book account (...
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