A break from the norm….

This week I have been discussing with a number of clients the phenomenon of plateauing.  Sometimes the body can get used to what you throw at it- both exercise and food wise.  As frustrating as it can appear, doing the same thing all the time and expecting change all the time, especially consistently, is not realistic. In fat loss focus, this is called adaptive thermoge...
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Fat loss truth bombs! 💣💥

      This is a 2 part (possibly 3!) blog highlighting my main learnings from a recent two day seminar on the hormonal effects of fat loss. Whilst the course was very 'sciencey', I'm going to disseminate it in laymen terms, to get to the nitty gritty of useable information. Here goes!   1. That fat loss can be attained way easier when your overall healt...
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What you MUST know to change your body!

    Critical learning in body composition change- knowledge is power! (And  its application more so! ) - lesson 15. Through the metabolic effect & the work of Jade Teta et al, there is some thinking that seems quite straightforwards & actually is, BUT many people who 'diet' & try to change their body, do not fully comprehend this (I can previously include myself ...
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