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Sunny, scenic sea walls session

personal trainer bristol
My client Toby and I enjoyed a lovely sunny PT session last week by the sea walls on the Downs. The mood was further enhanced by some beautiful synthesiser music that a chap began playing a few metres away from us. The view from the sea walls is great, including the iconic suspension bridge and the muddy river which glittered in the sunshine. The Downs were busy that day, but we found a r...
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Up the intensity and increase the rewards

bristol personal training
My client came to see me yesterday feeling grumpy about work. She doesn't want to do another day's work in her life. After running a challenging 24 minutes on the treadmill, including 3 minutes fast / 3 minutes easy } x 3, she came off feeling heaps better. She said the running was so hard it was impossible to think of anything else, and a 'big hole appeared where her thoughts should be'.  She...
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