Meet Amanda, new trainer

Hello everyone I wanted to introduce you to Amanda, who will be one of our new personal trainers here at PS and will be taking on the nutrition clients as well. Amanda began her fitness journey as a competitive dancer and later became a dedicated trainer and coach based out of New York City. Her belief is in a total wellness approach based on individual fitness levels and goals which...
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Mindmaps and my skin!!

Well, as you can imagine Personal Space is getting much busier already this month, with very focussed existing clients, and ultra keen new enquiries!! (Despite all the illness currently around!) I say, don’t get too het up if you haven’t quite got your act into gear on the goal setting front yet. Careful, realistic planning makes a huge impact on your attainable goals. I’m ...
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Preventing the 3P’s!!

Just back off my holidays - had a few days in the Mumbles. Highly recommended. Awesome time & beautiful scenery! It got me thinking on a few things... Firstly, holiday can signal a change from the norm, time out, time way. For some they want to change everything, for others, especially following a plan, it can be a hard time to stick with it! Of course, the thing is, we are all different...
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Lasting change! A new path!

Personal Space Bristol Personal Training Studio
This is going to be a very hard post for me to do. I've backed out of doing it loads, but the time has come to move on & confront my fears. If it inspires even one person to change, then it's been worth it. As a personal trainer, there is an expectation to be at peak fitness, peak shape, ALL the time. I have done this through my life, but peaked for it. (I once had a six pack, before it wa...
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Anyone heard of hydrophilic foods?

personal space
Me neither. The word translates from Ancient Greek to ‘loving water’. In terms of food and nutrition, it describes water loving foods that can be very satisfying owing to their capacities for attracting and retaining water. They fill you up in a healthy way because they fill up first. Hydrophilic foods are packed with soluble fibre that attracts water and forms a gel like substance that slows down...
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