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Keep the fire burning! 🔥

Well, storm Ciara, is currently kicking in nicely as I sit in the comfort of my lounge.  Watching the trees bend and twist and the rain go horizontally, I’m just in awe of nature’s raw power.  I think the enforced rest has got Tom (my son) restless, as he’s out there (despite the weather) throwing his medicine ball with all his might, and running up and down, drilling with...
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Human traits!

I have just got back from a fascinating day, hosted by British Athletics, in which both parent and athlete,(myself and my son), where taught and induced, about the Athletics Academy of Sporting Excellence programme. This is performance pathway programme for 16-18 year olds, who they believe have potential to compete as a senior, internationally. The course is over two years, ove...
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I’m stood outside on this glorious autumnal day, at Loughborough University, with the current Olympic champion Thomas Rohler, at his javelin masterclass. It’s fantastic to be able to hear and gain knowledge, from somebody who has achieved the very highest levels of sporting performance. It doesn’t really matter whether you are into sport or not, you can always learn from an individuals...
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