Pragmatic planning

Go easy on yourself!

This week I've seen a few clients experiencing the common problem of 'coming off the rails' due to one thing or another. Disagreements with people, serious illness in the family, too much work on, or a hectic social life. It seems that perception of behaviour in response to these events is key to the behaviours that follow. For example, if you had a stressful day and ate or drank far too much as ...
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Preventing the 3P’s!!

Just back off my holidays - had a few days in the Mumbles. Highly recommended. Awesome time & beautiful scenery! It got me thinking on a few things... Firstly, holiday can signal a change from the norm, time out, time way. For some they want to change everything, for others, especially following a plan, it can be a hard time to stick with it! Of course, the thing is, we are all different...
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Fat loss Holy Grail?!!

Around this time of year the media implodes with FAT LOSS this, & BEST EVER exercise that & follow this SECRET X PLAN that'll induce immense body change. Special foods or supplements that are only found in a remote island in French Polynesia, that UNLOCK YOUR METABOLIC POTENTIAL?! Does this sound familiar? Does this sound interesting? Do plenty of people follow this in the hopes that...
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Knowledge is power! Ask Barry!

With so much health & fitness information (perhaps it should be called 'misinformation') being bandied about, especially at this time of year, it's hard to sort the wheat from the chaff! The UK diet industry is worth in the region of £2 billion a year! What concerns me most is that, where money is to be made, many times its not with the persons best interests at heart - it's the company'...
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