Life hack #5 -Question everything!

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One thing I've learnt over the many years of Personal Training, reading reams of material and going on many courses/seminars/ conferences, is that you never take things for face value. Question everything. It's a good premise to start from. Research advances, new methods and ideas are found and developed, and old ideas debunked. As much as we like to compartmentalise everything i...
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Blinded by science…..

Life can be very confusing. We read, see and hear such conflicting information around fitness, health and nutrition, all the time. You might be left wondering who's right and whose wrong?! The thing is, ultimately, we all want a definitive answer on our questions! Is ketogenic eating the best way of eating? Is Paleo the way to go? Should we eat all fats? Is fastin...
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Information overload! 😬

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    Well, here's another article to add to the billions of other stuff that you are all being bombarded with, relating to health, fitness & food at this time of year!! 😊 The new year, new me plans, have started in earnest, but I wonder how many have already finished?! My worry at this time of year is the glut of misinformation & propaganda! It's confusi...
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Knowledge is Power!

I read a lot & link up to a number of websites & social media, so thats a lot of information to take in and digest. We are all in information overload really & I know I'm part of that (!) but hopefully I'm helping you by sifting through and finding good stuff & making you think? I read some very good well written, informative stuff, and then also some poorly written & resear...
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