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The balance of Ying and Yang

I’m sat here, high up on the cliff tops, in a first floor room of a beautiful bed and breakfast, looking out to sea, through an expansive window. As the light dims, I’m almost hypnotised by the waving palms and the pattern of rolling waves. Switching off, getting away, relaxing, whatever you want to call it, as I’ve got older I’ve recognised the huge importance of this. Obvious...
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Holiday workouts ideas!

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A brief blog this week just to say I hope you are all making the best of the summer holidays? Whilst we are away on holiday, it can certainly be time to take stock, relax and take some well earned time out. I personally like to build workouts into my holiday as I feel better for it! I also have a tendency to overeat - especially if it’s an all inclusive, so it at least readdress’s s...
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Can you burn more fat by resting more?!

Can you burn fat by resting more?   At Personal Space we love to think 'holistically' about our health & wellness & as much as we love being active- taking time out is equally important (more so for some!) If you are not quite into 'being mindful' then at the very least I can highly recommend trying to build in R&R- rest & recuperation, into your busy life. The r...
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