A break from the norm….

This week I have been discussing with a number of clients the phenomenon of plateauing.  Sometimes the body can get used to what you throw at it- both exercise and food wise.  As frustrating as it can appear, doing the same thing all the time and expecting change all the time, especially consistently, is not realistic. In fat loss focus, this is called adaptive thermoge...
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Simple, no equipment, holiday workout ideas!

I'm off on my holidays at the end of the week & I was thinking a few of you might be as well? It's going to be quite an active holiday anyway, but I thought I'd give you an idea for a high intensity, rest based interval hotel room workout, that you do not need any kit for! The 'nice ' (if that word can be used here!) thing about rest based Intervals is that whilst they really push your p...
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Firing up your body!

  The benefits of short, intense exercise (lesson 16) So you want to change your shape, feel better & be healthier? Rather than just sticking to the same thing continuously it's important to change things up! If nothing else, it staves off boredom & gives you something else to work on, but there are more reasons to mix it up! Your body gets used to doing the same, so by ...
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