Self preservation at Christmas

With such a challenging time at the moment personally, it makes me think of the importance of self. It’s not something that comes naturally, as I have engraved in my DNA, ‘put others before yourself’. I think I have to challenge this well engrained belief system now though!! Yes, help and do good for others, but not to the expense of yourself. If I think a bit deeper on th...
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Self responsibility

I just had a conversation with another personal trainers client whilst he was waiting for her. Just idle chit chat, but we were discussing older relatives and family and the lack of exercise or movement, and the implications that this holds. Funnily enough we both agreed that you can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink! What is the answer to individuals understandin...
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Empowerment of self responsibility

I don't have time! I'm too busy! It's  raining! There's no healthy options at the canteen! I'm too tired! My kits in the wash!  My work schedule won't allow me to train! We are eating out tonight anyway! My training partner can't make it..... However true these statements potentially could be, how do you personally perceive them? The way that they are phrased suggests extraneous factors are ...
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