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Strength to carry on……

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    Strength, it's been a fascination of mine with my bodybuilding past, but I'm not talking about the physical here, I'm focusing on MENTAL strength. We all need it at various times of our lives, Some more, some less. It's however not an endless resource. How do we ensure we are strong to cope with life's challenges that are thrown at us? One thing I've learnt, is that...
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From turkish coffee to Turkish Get Up – A brilliant exercise for all-over strength

The Turkish Get-Up is a brilliant all round strength exercise. If it is new to you, use the video from American Council on Exercise in the link below to get you started. It began life in the wrestling and martial arts world, and is now a favourite in kettle bell classes and as a resistance training staple. It is challenging to learn the movement, so starting with no weight at all is recommended...
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Strength for life?

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Has your exercise routine gone stale? Are you not seeing results? It could be time to spice things up a little and make it more appealing. Here are some ways to add variety to your resistance training, while ensuring what you do is relevant for life's physical demands. A) lift heavier weights, or lift lighter weights with faster movements. Life feels easier when you can lift heavy objects...
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