Do it to feel good and reduce stress

redland personal trainer
Exercise counters stress because it generally makes you feel good. Studies resoundingly show that exercise improves mood. Partly due to the release of beta-endorphins during and after the exercise, which are feel-good hormones. Also, the resulting feelings of achievement and self-efficacy (I CAN do this stuff) are part of the picture. Your body's stress response is to prepare it for a sudde...
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What I want my twins to know….

Throughout my life I have obviously experienced different stressors - some major, some less so. The thing is, as you get older and reflect, you realise that those things, were really not worth worrying about, at all. They seemed it at the time, but they really weren’t worth losing sleep or making you feel unwell. It’s not until you have gone through more major issues you think - ...
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I think times are changing. At one point it almost seemed unheard of to go places without breaking into a trot, jog, run, whatever you want to call it. Now walking seems to be picking up credence in terms of physical exercise within power and Nordic forms, but also by just keeping moving! Walking in my book, even just a casual stroll, has huge benefits on many levels. It doesn't ...
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