Having just come back from a break away, albeit a small one,  I can heartily recommend the importance of prioritising down time,  and incorporating rest & recuperation (R & R).  Of course you don’t have to book time away to switch off and relax,  but it definitely supplements planned, regular recovery time out in your normal week. Interestingly, ...
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The balance of Ying and Yang

I’m sat here, high up on the cliff tops, in a first floor room of a beautiful bed and breakfast, looking out to sea, through an expansive window. As the light dims, I’m almost hypnotised by the waving palms and the pattern of rolling waves. Switching off, getting away, relaxing, whatever you want to call it, as I’ve got older I’ve recognised the huge importance of this. Obvious...
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Switching Off!!

I took the decision this week to deactivate my personal facebook account. This can be picked up at another time of my choosing, but for now its on pause. It’s a double edged sword really because social media does help my business, and I do enjoy keeping in touch with friends, BUT I felt it was affecting my mental status in a negative way. I’ve set up a business face book account (...
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Just breathe.

There's been a lot of illness around over this last week & it got me thinking about looking after yourself. What I mean by that is actually putting yourself before others.   Is that wrong? Is that contrary to common British belief systems?   This could be viewed as narcissistic, but actually it's imperative for your own personal wellness. By looking after yourself, you ac...
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