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SAS or SAD?!

Why do you exercise? Serious question. For the majority of my clients, I’ve found it tends to be ‘weight’ change/ body composition improvements, or just ‘physically’ looking better. So, despite the obvious benefits of many exercise forms, especially from a health perspective, it’s ‘appearance’ that is a primary driver! I have to admit here, I would have included myself wi...
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Self responsibility

I just had a conversation with another personal trainers client whilst he was waiting for her. Just idle chit chat, but we were discussing older relatives and family and the lack of exercise or movement, and the implications that this holds. Funnily enough we both agreed that you can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink! What is the answer to individuals understandin...
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Finding your lightbulb moment….

      Well, after my couple of months of experimenting with the ketogenic/banting eating at the beginning of the year , I have decided to do a longer term experiment - 1 years worth! So, those that were interested with the previous findings, watch this space, as I will review throughout the year, in-between other articles of interest. I've already been on the prog...
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