uneven weights

Life is wonky

bristol personal trainer
In everyday life we have to use our bodies in a variety of planes and angles, accommodating weights when we are not quite centred. It helps if we can set ourselves up to be balanced and ready before lifting or pulling an object but often it just isn't possible. Sometimes we have to react quickly to our environment and move in an awkward way or carry a cumbersome weight that upsets balance. Ho...
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Uneven dumbbell exercises – a core bonus

bristol personal training
Only got one dumbbell? Perfect. Uneven weighted exercises can be a good way for moderately experienced exercisers to get more core activation while doing traditional weights exercises. For example, the chest press on a ball or bench using only one dumbbell or one heavy and one light dumbbell. Your body has to work harder to balance the uneven weight distribution so it’s a bonus for your tru...
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