Weight loss

Maintaining resting metabolic rate during fat loss is vital

An article in the journal Obesity (2016) reports that over 50% of contestants in US reality TV show The Biggest Loser at 6 year follow up had regained a 'substantial amount' of the weight they lost during the 30 week contest. The authors explain that weight loss leads to a reduction in the body's resting metabolic rate (RMR) - the body adapts to carrying less fat around and needs less calor...
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Low carbohydrate diet works for me and some of my clients

There is much acceptance now in the field of nutrition for dietary fat not to be shunned as the bad guy, and excess carbohydrate to be avoided. I think the facts show that a reliance on carbohydrates can lead to over production of insulin and, in the long term, glucose intolerance, and finally increased incidence of diabetes. My husband and I have eaten a low carbohydrate diet for nearly fo...
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Low fat diets no better than higher fat for weight loss

A study due to have been published in a journal called¬†The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology on October 30, 2015, shows that eating low-fat diets are not any more effective at reducing bodyweight than higher fat diets.¬†   The effectiveness of low-fat diet on weight-loss has been debated for decades, and hundreds of randomised clinical trials aimed at evaluating this issue have bee...
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Fat loss contributing to global warming?!

When a person loses weight, have you ever wondered where it goes? This information came from the IDEA fitness journal this month - a report featured in British Medical Journal featured a survey of 50 family doctors, dieticians and personal trainers, who were asked what they thought happened to fat once it had been 'burned'. Most respondents believed that fat converts to energy or heat. Other...
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Lasting change! A new path!

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This is going to be a very hard post for me to do. I've backed out of doing it loads, but the time has come to move on & confront my fears. If it inspires even one person to change, then it's been worth it. As a personal trainer, there is an expectation to be at peak fitness, peak shape, ALL the time. I have done this through my life, but peaked for it. (I once had a six pack, before it wa...
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Fat loss Holy Grail?!!

Around this time of year the media implodes with FAT LOSS this, & BEST EVER exercise that & follow this SECRET X PLAN that'll induce immense body change. Special foods or supplements that are only found in a remote island in French Polynesia, that UNLOCK YOUR METABOLIC POTENTIAL?! Does this sound familiar? Does this sound interesting? Do plenty of people follow this in the hopes that...
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