Nicole Vignola - Premier International
Personal Space owner / Personal Trainer

Nicole is a fun and energetic trainer working with clients of various abilities. She started her fitness career 9 years ago teaching spinning classes in South Africa, (where she is from), to help the mountain biking association she was part of to get racing fit.

Nicole comes from a dancing background and tries to incorporate things she’s learned as a ballet dancer into her personal training. She specialises in lower back injuries and caters her training around functionality, posture, balance and mobility whilst helping her clients reach their various specific needs. Alongside her Level 4 qualification in lower back pain, she has gained much experience in common injuries in the older clientele she had during her time as a freelance personal trainer in London, specifically, meniscus repair rehabilitation, hip bursitis, frozen shoulders and scoliosis.

Nicole is a neuroscience student with a keen interest for neuropsychology and mental health, she’s always tried to bring fitness and mental health together by volunteering in various associations to teach people how exercise can improve anxiety, stress, depression and self confidence encouraging both a healthy body as well as healthy mind.

Jorge Camacho
Personal Space owner / Personal Trainer
Jorge studied Sport Psychology & Coaching Sciences at University whilst in a Strength & Conditioning apprenticeship and competing for the University’s Olympic Weightlifting  team. Whilst at University, Jorge also practiced some Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in his spare time, which has now blossomed into a love for Mixed Martial Arts.

Growing up playing a variety of sports, but mainly Mountain Biking and Rugby, meant Jorge had to overcome his fair share of injuries. This forced him to learn about anatomy and physiology and was the beginning of his obsession with human health and performance, and how to get the most of each person he coaches.Jorge prides himself in knowing a broad range of training modalities but ultimately specialising in human movement, biotensegrity (making sure you are structurally sound) and athletic performance, which he uses to get his clients to their strongest, happiest and healthiest state yet. Jorge has also done a lot of work in Nutrition and Lifestyle habits to compliment what is practiced in the gym.

Ryan Warner
Personal Trainer

Ryan qualified with Premier Global as an Advanced Personal Trainer in 2009. Based on his years of experience in the industry Ryan can offer you effective and fun training sessions with proven results. Ryan has a passion for training people of all abilities and ensuring after each session you leave feeling healthier, happier and more confident.

“I am a great believer in basing training sessions around your goals and aspirations, to achieve your optimum performance. I believe that education is also at the forefront of any successful change in body composition. I am here to show you how to train smart and to educate you every step of the way to form life-long, positive lifestyle habits and apply continued progression, fitting around your daily routine.”

Ryan centres his programmes on resistance training, which is proven to promote improvements in fat loss, muscle definition (toning) and overall wellbeing for males and females. He also includes many other training principles, adapting to your unique needs. Ryan is an avid believer in nutrition being a fundamental part of any transformation. He is currently studying for level one in Sport and Exercise Nutrition with Precision Nutrition, so he can work with your dietary needs, giving you the best opportunity to maximise your results. Ryan has played to a semi-professional standard in football. He also has a keen interest for strength and resistance training, using this as the forefront of his own training.

Amanda Miller
Personal Trainer and Nutritionist


Amanda will be one of our new personal trainers here at PS and will be taking on our nutrition clients as well.

Amanda began her fitness journey as a competitive dancer and later became a dedicated trainer and coach based out of New York City.

Her belief is in a total wellness approach based on individual fitness levels and goals which include at home techniques and sports specific training. She also believes in educating and enabling when it comes to overall health and wellness.

As a certified PT and nutrition specialist, her objective is to exude positive energy while encouraging growth, education and results.

Qualifications NASM Certified personal Trainer Fitness and Nutrition Specialist Women’s Fitness Specialist AFAA (Group Fitness) Sports First Aid Level 2 (VTQ)

Pilates and Barre Instructor

bristol barre pilates

Lydia has been dancing from the age of two and trained in a variety of styles from Ballet through to Hip Hop. So when she first discovered Barre in 2016, she instantly fell in love with the Barre technique due to its similarities to Ballet, coupled with the fantastic benefits of working between isometric and eccentric contractions with active stretching, creating a strong, lean and flexible body through low impact resistance training.

Whether it’s weight training, running, dance or fitness classes, Lydia has always had a keen interest in health and wellbeing, and has enjoyed challenging herself to learn new and unique ways to increase her fitness levels.

Her love of Barre took her to running a flagship boutique Barre studio in London, where she quickly realised that she not only enjoyed running the business and attending Barre classes, but she also wanted to hone in on her technique and learn the method to teach Barre, after enjoying this unique style of exercise since 2016.

After qualifying as a Barre instructor just in time for the first lockdown in 2020, Lydia decided it was time to put herself out there via Zoom, delve into the unknown and begin her Barre instructing journey online. Although it was not exactly how she envisaged her first class after qualifying, she continues to love every minute of teaching her Afar Barre clients online over a year later! After Lydia received her Barre instructor qualification, she decided to embark on her next mission to become a certified Pilates instructor.

Lydia wanted to ensure that she could deliver high energy and authentic Barre and Pilates classes, coupled with her endless energy and motivational teaching style!

A personal message from Lydia, “I am so looking forward to meeting you all in person and teaching my Barre Boss classes at the Personal Space studio in July!”.

As a team we love a challenge.

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