Telling it as it is……


Sometimes I know exactly what I want to write from something that’s happened in the week, but this isn’t one of them!

Whatever I write though, it’s always from the heart.

I have to say my heads a bit mushed up at the moment, which always makes it harder to write.

This does however ties in with the recent mental health week promotion, and the ‘it’s ok, to not be ok,’ moniker.

It’s a British thing though isn’t it?

When somebody asks, are you ok?

You just say yes ‘fine,’ when you know you are really not.

My message this week, is just to encourage you to reach out if you need help. Let somebody know how you really feel.

Life is not plain sailing and neither should it be.

I’ve probably learnt more of a lesson from things going wrong, than right.

I’ve been truly touched by the lovely messages I’ve received recently after my dads death, and it just reminds you, that people do care.

I also encourage you to just check in with people occasionally and say hi. Just a little communication can really make a difference to somebody’s wellbeing.

Best wishes