The 4 pillars…

Well, as predicted, we are awash with ‘new year, new me’ and similar, propaganda, throughout all the media platforms.

It can be very confusing to know what and who to believe, so I do like simple advice.

Such as, Dr Chatterjee’s four pillar plan.

Certainly nothing new, but I applaud its simplicity in initiating change.

The basic foundation is to consider 4 main areas, in improving your overall wellness, namely;


Relaxation, Eating, Moving and Sleeping.

Relaxation includes mindfulness practice, ‘me’ time, less screen time, for example.

Eating includes sugar reduction, reducing your eating window, drinking more water and minimising processed foods.

Moving includes 10k + daily steps, bi week strength training, some high intensity internal training, etc

And lastly,

Sleeping improvements through sleeping in absolute darkness, getting fresh air, creating a sustainable bedtime routine, and managing personal commotion.


Nothing ground breaking here.

We are all continually looking for a quicker, more effective, almost holy grail like answer to health and fitness improvements, but these concepts joined together, create a very powerful antidote to the negatives of modern life.

Until next week,

Best wishes