The balance of Ying and Yang


I’m sat here, high up on the cliff tops, in a first floor room of a beautiful bed and breakfast, looking out to sea, through an expansive window.

As the light dims, I’m almost hypnotised by the waving palms and the pattern of rolling waves.

Switching off, getting away, relaxing, whatever you want to call it, as I’ve got older I’ve recognised the huge importance of this.

Obviously movement is critical too, but in this busy world we live in, I now believe it holds as much importance, sometimes more.

We’ve heard through eastern philosophies about Ying and Yang, and it encapsulates perfectly here the balance of both movement and rest.

We are all unique and some will need more movement and less recovery and some more recovery less movement.

Whichever you are, try and plan in both, and get a balance between the two, on this ever moving sliding scale.

Best wishes