The human element….


Well, that’s another year drawing to a close!

I think, in true form, it appears that it’s gone even quicker than the last!!

I personally think the end of the year IS actually a good time for reflection.

It’s typical to bash the new year resolutions only because they don’t tend to last very long, but actually a new year can signal a fresh start for some, myself included. 

(I won’t go through the SMARTER goal setting principles here as they’ve already done so on previous blogs).

So what wisdom have I gleaned from 2019? 

I think this year it’s been mostly about the human element which can easily get forgotten or watered  down, amongst all the business of dealing with this thing we call life. 

With both parents now unfortunately gone, I think it’s heightened my sense of human relationships, family and the associated love.

It’s been lovely to rekindle old family relationships this year, but also forge new ones. 

With each year passing, I now realise even more-so, that it’s being in love and feeling the love of another, that means the most. 

Yes it is important to feel successful and achieve, but that pales into insignificance in comparison. 

Sure it can be nice to have some tangible  ‘things’ if you get enjoyment from them, but that’s actually reserved to last in the order of importance, in my opinion. 

Alongside this for me goes the importance of self love and acceptance. 

So 2020 signals a focus on myself, including these important factors, which would seem straightforward for most, but it just hasn’t been so for me, as yet.

My upbringing has made me focus on others first, and whilst there’s no malice meant from my parents, it’s something I have to change, and will do.

I’ve realised to be good for others you HAVE to put yourself first. 

And so it shall be. 

So if you don’t do it already, firstly, be kind to yourself, and allow critical time for yourself.

Secondly, whilst doing that, remember others.

We are all on a life journey together, and I truly believe we should all help each other get through it. 

Let’s face it, none of us are getting out alive!!

Thirdly, 2020 for me also brings an even greater focus on overall wellness. This means focusing on;

nutritionto cleanse, nourish and minimise disease.

Exercise and movement to strengthen, bring suppleness and more daily function. 

Improved mental health, a greater understanding of self, and increased mindfulness, focusing on the ‘now’. 

This last blog of 2019 is dedicated to my beautiful mum, who sadly passed away this year with her long battle of Alzeimers. She is now reunited with my father. (The picture in the blog I think truly reflects and encapsulates their love for each other and it’s one il use on their gravestone). 

RIP Diana Mary Dollery 30/10/1942- 01/11/2019.