The journey ahead…

I have just finished watching the first day of the British Athletic Championships. 

I was very interested in the men’s 100m final. It was a dead heat on time, so they had to look at the photo finish and measure from there.

The final winner was ecstatic and the emotions got the better of him and I can understand why, but it made more sense when he gave his interview. 

Of course countless hours of training had gone into that performance, over many years,  but he said that he had had a very rocky ride to get there. He mentioned many barriers that had got in the way of what he wanted to achieve, but nevertheless, he kept going. 

And that’s the thing- keeping going. 

It’s all part of the same journey. 

The ups, the downs, the sideways. 

So whatever you are trying to achieve – embrace it! 

I have spoken with clients whose goals haven’t gone quite to plan, who talk about starting afresh and cleaning the slate, but actually it’s not a new journey, it’s part of it.

The mistakes, the barriers, the injuries, the problems, it’s all part of the very same journey. 

Own it. Learn from it. Use it. It’s all part of improving and getting better. 

Here’s to your journey and all the learnings within. ♥️

Best wishes