The little things that mean a lot

bristol personal trainer

This week my previously de-conditioned client reported another significant change in a daily activity that demonstrates an improvement in how his body moves: doing up his shoes with more ease. This is wonderful. He can now reach down to tie laces whereas he previously struggled with this action. A little thing that can mean a lot.

His improvement has come about due to regular exercise for the past seven weeks. He previously led a sedentary lifestyle. We’ve been working on mobility, stretches, core and band exercises and he has added in faster, longer walks, swimming, rowing and stationary cycling. He has exercised every day and enjoyed it, he tells me. He has also loved the fact that friends have noticed his more upright posture. Every week that I see him he tells me of a newfound benefit to the exercise. He’s definitely a convert to an active lifestyle.

The little things that mean a lot will be different for us all, and may suddenly, randomly become noticeable. It may be the reduction or absence of pain, a minute reduction on a timed walk, strength to carry a heavy bag, or the regained ability to perform a long lost movement, (e.g. one of my clients was pleased to be able to do up her bra again).  They all add up to the bigger picture of enhanced life and we should celebrate them all.

Lisa 🙂