The ‘wavy’ journey…

Up early this morning (as usual) but took a beautiful frosty drive to Andover, watching the ever changing sky colours stretching across, and waking up the world. 

Tom, my son, carries on with his javelin training today with his second technical session this year, after a longer than planned lay off. 

For nearly 3 months on and off he’s had continued Tonsillitis (or Tomsillitis as we have now nicknamed it!!) 

Obviously this brings about necessary changes in both training and mindset.

3 months less training means new goal setting and a different focus, as frustrating as that seems.

But let’s not forget it’s all part of the journey.

So Tom has re goal set and quashed his disappointment with focus and new found motivation and vigour.

And that’s what’s needed.

All of our fitness and health goals, aiming levels aside, are just like this- a journey.

The ups, the downs, the sideways and the circular, it’s all part and parcel of it. 

So whilst it can be disappointing to go backwards, it’s good to remember that it’s just one small aspect of a much bigger journey.

In fact if you expect it not to be linear, then you won’t be disappointed. 

So if your New Years resolutions or goals aren’t quite going to plan, don’t fret- re evaluate, re group and work on impacting what you can, to go in the right direction. 

Remember you are not getting back on track as your ‘waviness’ is part of the track!! 

Best wishes