Therapeutic memories….

I’ve taken a step back by quite a few years today. 

I’ve been going through hundreds of photos from the last of the clearance, from my mum and dads house.

It really does feel quite therapeutic going through them all.  I was surprised at just how lifting it was. 

Of course there are tinges of sadness because they are both no longer with us now, but i feel it helps me to remember the good times. 

Many pictures brought a smile to my face, and there was even the occasional lol!! 

Whilst I’m a great believer in looking and focusing ahead, I think it’s important to look back and reflect occasionally. 

Having more time off recently has enabled me to appreciate more of what I have, and also to be more grateful for what I’ve had and experienced. 

I was very lucky to have caring nurturing parents because I know some don’t. 

Photographs give a snapshot of that time  and help you to remember. In my eyes it’s a cathartic process.

My mother was a beautiful soul and I miss her laughter, fun and naughtiness, but the photos bring all those emotions back.

She wore her heart on her sleeve and was such a gregarious person. I want to remember the pre Alzeimers mum more-so, and these photos help me to  do exactly that!

My father was a much more reserved and quiet man, but I learnt a lot him and appreciate all that he did for me.

I think because of his upbringing he wasn’t big on emotions (much to the frustration of my mum!) but he told me once that he had respected two people in his life, his father and me.
So I take that as close as it’s going to get on the L word! 

Deep down I felt that he loved me. I’ve made sure my kids know that I love them very much.

I saw photos of my lovely nan and grandad, who I loved dearly. They were very special as my dads real mum died when he was 7, and his dad died when I was 6. I  found in amongst the boxes something I’m SO pleased I did for them. A memory jar. I got a bowl engraved in honour of them and then wrote loads of lovely memories I had had of them.  All the memories were there kept safe. 

I’ve also seen many, many photos of my beautiful children growing up and just how Lisa’s and mine relationship has blossomed. 
A treasure trove of memories. 

So if like me you find you have a little more free time at the moment , then I encourage you look back, of course whilst ensuring most of the time you are looking ahead.

Here’s to absent friends and family, remembering the good times and the past with a positive outlook to the future.

all the very best,