You are what you think!


I was speaking to a client this week about how her eating habits were going.

Her reply was ;

Oh, so, so, but I don’t hate myself enough to do anything about it at the moment!

And this is a common issue and a genuine problem.

Whilst people tend to be motivated by pain, or avoidance of pain, the issue is hating on yourself.

What you think and tell yourself affects your whole bodies physiology, and therefore your hormonal response.

Those that have watched an exciting film or even thought back to a stressful situation, will know that even if you are not in that danger, or in the moment of that time, that you can feel exactly the same way.

Your physiology doesn’t always differentiate between real and remembering!

So you can see why it’s important to think right.

If you are unhappy or think negatively about yourself, it can affect your overall wellness.

It has been shown to increase mental health issues, such as Depression and Dementia, increase risk of heart disease, decrease immune function and physical ability later in life.

So you can see the huge importance of working on changing negative thought processes, positivity, and increasing social engagement to combat this, alongside your regular wellness program.

Best wishes