Three Cheers for Graham (HbA1c results update)

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I would like to thank my client Graham for this week’s blog, which is in full below. He has worked really hard to reduce his blood glucose levels (measure of diabetes type 2) and this is his account. (Find the first part of Graham’s story by typing Big hand for Graham in the search box on the blog page).

“ I first reported in to the blog in Jan 2018 when I had a shock reading in my sugar levels, which prompted the Doctor to immediately prescribe Metformin for Diabetes type 2.

The readings were Hba1c – 95m/mol, weight 109kgs

After a three month program of exercise with Lisa plus a diet change which eliminated most carbs – potatoes, pasta, bread, biscuits – the usual suspects and a ‘dry’ month free from alcohol, encouraged by my ever supportive wife, I was pleased to report in March 2018 that my Hba1c had halved and weight reduced by 6.5 kgs.

The new readings were then Hba1c – 50, weight 102.5kgs

My latest results now 6 months on, having continued the exercise regime with Lisa and having adopted a mostly gluten free and dairy free variation on my diet has resulted in a further reduction in Hba1c and weight loss, putting me on the top of the non-diabetes range. A result my Doctor actually described as excellent.

The latest readings are Hba1c – 42 , weight 99.7kgs (my wife has actually lost more weight than me!!)

42 is significant for diabetes as it is the threshold between normal non diabetes people and pre diabetes.

So it can be next visit to the doctor will be a discussion about coming off Metformin for good.

Here’s a chart from NHS Tayside”

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 12.34.31

Thanks so much Graham. I hope Metformin will soon be a thing of your past.

Lisa 🙂