Time Efficient workouts- getting more from your day!

Time efficient workouts!
(In other words – fitting activity/exercise in!!)

Time- It’s a precious commodity nowadays!

A lot of clients I work with have extremely busy lifestyles juggling both work & family.
Modern life can tend to dictate that we are time poor. We chase from one thing to another, trying to get jobs done within the minimum time. Everything we do means acting instantly, answering emails, fielding calls, checking through the job list. We have high speed sensory overload & it’s a luxury rather than a necessity to allow time for individual needs.
So how can we ‘fit in’ workouts. Obviously it’s best to build in our exercise/activity into our lifestyle but sometimes it gets relegated to other life necessities.
Here’s a few ideas I use with clients to help them keep on track & build there quota!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
If you only have a short time to exercise try ramping up the intensity with some HIIT style workouts. High intensity Interval Training where you can do explosive exercise for a specified time then recover for a specified time. It takes many different forms but you generally work ‘all out’ & then have a short recovery before repeating – these are generally for a few minutes at a time depending on fitness & motivation!! So you can work really hard for only a few minutes & get great benefits.
e.g. 3 exercises in close succession; 20 seconds all out on each exercise then rest 1 minute.
Squat jumps, jumping jacks, high knee jogging. These can be modified to suit fitness level.

Walking or cycling to work.
Lunchtime walks/workouts. Make use of flex time to build up your activity quota.
Even parking further away & walking/cycling in- (almost a necessity now in parts of bristol!)
Waiting for the kettle to boil- do narrow arm press ups on the kitchen side!
Going up the stairs – do it twice/thrice!!
Balance on one leg whilst cleaning your teeth!
Stretch whilst watching TV/at the desk.
I think you get the idea!!


Just by getting up a little earlier will boost your day!
Even 10 minutes is enough to get the metabolism warmed up! Try this on your stairs;
warm up – 3 mins step up & down on bottom step, alternating leading leg, followed by quick steps sprinting on the same move for 30 seconds, recover 20-30 seconds then sprint up & down stairs for 30, 20-30 seconds recovery -repeat for whatever time you have, then cooldown & shower ready for work all fired up!

By integrating significant others i.e. kids/partners etc you have more quality time & achieve something productive. Sometimes significant others can put up a barrier towards your chosen goals – they can feel excluded- get them involved! Let the kids join in/timekeep & count, cycle along, cheer etc Biking, walking, hiking, whatever they want to do. Geocaching is a good one for kids to find treasure & walk miles without them realising.


Booking ahead for time out that involves integrated fun activities can be a great focus. There are some excellent family & couples breaks that have a nice mix of time away & fun for all!

METABOLIC CHAIN (metabolic effect)
20 minutes of continuous weights moving swiftly from one to another exercise in a continuous loop.
Example; press up, double arm row, squat, biceps curls, shoulder press. Using the heaviest weight for the weakest exercise in the ‘chain’ do 5 reps of all then 4 of all then 3, 2,1, then start again at 5. If you are doing this continually you will need to catch breath throughout – see how many sets you get through in the time allotted. This is a very time efficient resistance based workout that causes a cardiovascular effect.


All out effort for a defined period then as much rest as needed to allow you to do it again.
e.g sprint as hard as you can for 20 seconds, rest until breathing rate recovered, sprint for 40 seconds, same, then 60 seconds.
Do this for 20 minutes including recovery.
You will Obviously need more recovery towards the end.


Use what’s around you- stairs, chairs, steps, work surfaces, garden etc
A few bits of kit- balls, bands,weights etc can help too!


Go alfresco & look around you – park benches, marked pitches, bollards, low walls, bars (of the metal kind!) steps, hills, kids playgrounds- use your imagination whilst you are there anyway!


Apps with predetermined programmes, fit bit or tracking systems, pedometers etc can all motivate us to do just do a little bit extra!

There are many ways to build in activity & it really does add up over the day!
I hope this helps you get just a little bit more towards your chosen goal.

Best wishes

Stuart 😊