Tips and tricks for C.O.R.O.N.A.V.I.R.U.S. 🦠

Here’s my checklist of ways to keep healthy, both mentally and physically, during the lockdown and beyond.

Care– for yourself both mentally and physically by taking time out to care for you, the individual. We all deal with this situation differently so try to work out what you need. Whether it be time alone in a quiet space or blasting the lungs out on a cycle. 

Optimism– as difficult as it can be at present, it pays to be optimistic. Sure the current situation could have a very negative bias, but there are positives. I personally have managed to be extremely proactive, getting lots of jobs done that would have taken me ages. We are also all really engaging as a family more-so, and having a family meal around the table every night.

Re-energise– as much as this time can be stressful, you can also action upon using it, to regain your vigour. Try getting a routine for sleep, try power napping, find ways of boosting your R and R, try new methods including meditation or contract relax methods.

Optimise– if you are not working full time then work on optimising your own health. Consider what you personally need to boost your own wellness. I frequently do spider diagrams looking at key areas and then what other factors spin off that.  Off the back of that for example, I have regular blood tests through Thriva, take a turmeric and probiotic daily drink, take vitamin D tincture, take a daily walk, and take quiet time out. Obviously there’s loads of other things to consider.

Nutritional improvementsthere’s a huge correlation between health and nutrition, that’s undeniable. I think the more I look into it the more I believe ‘you are what you eat’. The feedback I get from clients currently is that they are eating a little more than they usually do. Just try to consider feeding the body with food that nourishes. Most clients have been trying to have 3 meals that carry, with minimal snacking and hydrating well through the hot weather.

Accept what is, and only focus about things that you can actually deal with and affect. Anything else is a waste of personal energy and impetus. Take each day as it comes. Try to focus on the now. It pays to have knowledge of the situation but not to pore over it every hour.

Vitamins and minerals – it can be a contentious topic and obviously real good food should be eaten and drunk first, but it is exactly as it says – a supplement. At this time it’s good to boost the immune system. A good quality multivitamin and mineral is always a good backup, but consider knowing for real and getting a blood test to see any discrepancies. As I said before, I use thriva, where you self test, post it and they email back very promptly. Interestingly, high vitamin C dose has been used in treating Covid19. 

Intelligence– if you have more time it’s perfect to challenge your intellectualism. Read, write, learn. I have an online learning course that I hadn’t got round to doing- perfect time! I think challenging the grey matter not only distracts but helps keep the synapses pinging and connecting. Those linkages throughout the brain majorly help brain wellness.

Re-affirm– take time to consider what’s most important to you. Re align your soul and allow stillness within, to truly find what you want. The lack of official work is a perfect time to re connect to yourself. Let’s face it, generally life is fire fighting and ‘business’. 

Uplift yourself by keeping moving. Use your one hour outside wisely and get fresh air and a different perspective. A new environment lifts the spirits. Lots of clients have been running, walking and cycling. We are very lucky to be living almost on the beach but an urban walk or woodland trail can still lift you.

Structure– it has been said that creating a structured lifestyle can help bring some normality. Both lisa and I, outside of live links to clients, have tried to create both work and play periods. We tried to keep the weekend ‘off’ despite each day moulding into each other.

I hope that is ‘food for thought’ for you all, and sincerely wish you great health and wellness during this difficult time.

Best wishes