Tom Dollery interview part 2….

What does an average week of training look like for you?

My training through the season can change but currently it looks like this; 

Monday’s I train mainly technical and some conditioning for 2 hours in the evening with one of my coaches, Mark at Andover Athletic club. 

Tuesdays in the morning, I work with the strength and conditioning coach in the gym doing mainly Olympic lifting, medicine ball work and core.

In the Afternoon its rugby training- sprints, tackling and drills.

In the evening I swim with my local club. 

Wednesdays – mainly mobility and flexibility work myself.

Thursdays – Strength and Conditioning in the gym in the am, Rugby training in the afternoon.

Fridays – rest day.

Saturday- is rugby game fixture for Taunton school. 

Sunday – mainly technical training at either Loughborough University with my coach Kelly or at Andover with coach Mark. 

What’s your advice on keeping fit do you have any recommendations? 

I would say to make sure you do something you enjoy. There’s no point doing something you don’t enjoy, otherwise you won’t do it! 

Find something you can stick with for life, not just the short term. You need to stay fit throughout your life.

What’s your goal for next year and beyond?

Next year I want to qualify for the world junior championships in Nairobi, Kenya, in July.

After that the following year is the Under 20 Europeans and after that the commonwealths and ultimately the Olympics in Paris in 2024. 

What do you think is critical to achieve at a high level? 

First and foremost, Drive and Passion, as that’s what gets you up in the morning and keeps you doing it! 

I think you need resilience to deal with what’s thrown at you, and confidence in your own ability to do it.

From a physical standpoint it helps to be physically strong, mobile, flexible and agile.

I think it helps to have good body awareness and it be able to perform correct functional movement. 

I think you need to create a good balance of sleep/recovery and work. 

Eating correctly for your sport or fitness also helps tremendously.

How do you stay motivated? 

I try to remember why I’m doing this and what I’m doing it for. I focus on what my end goal is and what the goals are leading up to that. 

Once I’ve reached those, I refocus on my next goals. You keep striving to become the best that you can be, as there is no limit. 

Has anybody influenced you?

I would say Steve Backley ( British world and Olympic medalist). 

I read his book and met him, and realised through him, that with hard work and application, anybody could do it. 

He seemed the same as me and yet he applied himself to achieve great things. 

On a leaving note, do you want to thank anybody Tom? 

I would like to firstly thank my Loughborough coach Kelly Bramhald who really helped create an effective framework to work from. 

To Simon de Wilton at Taunton athletic club for helping me fine tune my technique. 

To my new found coaching relationship with Mark Bradford from Andover who very kindly agreed to assist coaching alongside Kelly,  and he continues to challenge me both physically and mentally! 

And lastly my mum for all my dietary needs and to my Dad for driving countless miles and getting me to all the training sessions, training camps, and competitions.