Top reasons to train in the pool


IDEA health and fitness organisation say –

A study that looked at the psychological benefits of aquatic exercise for people with fibromyalgia found that participants experienced “significant decreases in pain and depression”. 

A deep-water study showed that participants burned an average of 9.8 calories per minute during deep-water exercise, which is equivalent to walking or running at a pace of 10-11 minutes per mile.

Hydrostatic pressure aids aching joints, making aquatic exercise beneficial to those who suffer from inflammatory diseases.

Aquatic exercise improves the health of pregnant women and has a positive effect on their mental health. 

A ten week course of cardiovascular water exercise “markedly reduced” systolic and mean arterial blood pressure in patients with hypertension.

Water’s density is approximately 800 times that of air; an important contribution to the energy cost of aquatic exercise. 

I say –

Whenever I go swimming (rarely) I can just about swim a length, then need to recover before doing another! It is an activity that I find hard, because I don’t do it very often, and I’m not a good swimmer technique-wise, so it ends up being a fantastic exertion. My calories per minute is probably double the average 9.8 per minute as I’m SO bad! 🙂