Trains : great for your mental health

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Granted, some of you may disagree with me outright. Those of you who travel regularly on trains probably experience excruciatingly irritating delays which play havoc with your mental health. I don’t travel regularly on trains but I am on one today, to Gloucester from Cam & Dursley and back, all within 1hr50. My journey has been calm, hassle free, and restful.
I forgot my book and didn’t want to waste time on my phone so I gazed at passing scenery with slow-brain-wave peace at the sodden green and brown fields, the end of a rainbow poking out beneath multi-toned grey sky, and a distant hazy sunlit hill range.
My inner calm was high.
It cost me £5.70. It was quicker than going by car and I avoided car park fees. I will do this more often when I can. This is obviously not a revolutionary insight but, for me, a little used method of relaxation.
Watching the world go by, letting thoughts drift past, is such a restful way to spend time. Getting to where you want to be in good time is also a bonus.
As well as doing my tiny bit towards planet protection I was, in the words of Kung Fu Panda, finding my inner peace.

Lisa 🙂