Two sides to….

In life, there’s always two sides to every story!

The good, the bad, the yin and the yang!

This week encapsulates this point exactly, where it encourages us to truly value life and it’s gifts.

I’m pleased to say that it’s edged more on the good side than bad, and that’s the way I’d want it, despite being able to always learning valuable lessons from life’s more testing times. 

It started off with lots of positivity!

An old client I bumped into who thanked me for realising how much I’d helped him through a tough life patch. 

A client who thanked me for making a big difference to his work and everyday life, who has now built in exercise into it and is functioning way better than before. He wished he’d done it years before! 

Then another one of my clients managing a lifetime experience this week of climbing Kilimanjaro- he’d trained all year for it, with me. 

Interestingly it was for the mind, mental health charity, which neatly links me on to my next point.

Today marks an exact year to my dads passing. 

I was asked by a close friend who recently lost her mum, what it feels like, after a while?

Of course you don’t get over it, you merely learn to live with it and adjust.

I think the hardest thing is the finality of it- not being able to talk to that person, despite them being on your mind. 

Of course we all go through this process at one time of another, but I feel it’s important to talk and keep the memories alive. 

Whatever issues arise in your life I hope you are able to talk with somebody else and at the same time embrace and celebrate life’s little victories. 

In loving memory of my dear father and all the valuable life lessons he taught me.

RIP Colin Dollery 1937-2018 ♥️

Best wishes