Unconditional love



This week I had some lovely feedback from clients both through text, verbally & through google reviews from Personal Space.

We all like to be appreciated, but how often do we actually acknowledge people & let them know they are doing a great job?
When I get feedback like this it makes me realise, I am making a meaningful difference to someone’s life. I LOVE that!

Not many people know this, but I am only child, so life was a little different growing up without other siblings being around. Whilst my parents were strict, I feel sure I had more support from them, than most families.

I think back to what both my parents did for me then, and have done since, & they helped an awful lot.

Of course a lot of the time, I didn’t ask them to, they just wanted too.
It’s that unconditional love that, without realizing it at the time, is so rare. There’s not many people around your support network, that has that depth of love. I hope my kids realise how much they mean to me & know despite life’s ups & downs, I’m always there for them, with my unconditional love.

Did I appreciate the unconditional love I received? I feel quite sure I did, but it’s only on reflection that I have truly understood it.
In fact, I hazard a guess, that I probably didn’t fully appreciate them enough, until I left home & fended for myself.

Why write about this? Because now, whilst not having regrets as such, I wish I had shown more gratitude, than I actually did.
I can of course tell my dad, but unfortunately mums comprehension is so poor now she wouldn’t understand. I hope she just knows from the past.

So where am I going with this?
Interestingly, happiness, contentment & piece of mind, actually has a lot more to do with wellness, than previously thought. So it’s important for you to be at peace with yourself (and others), as this can seriously impact on your overall health status.

I think sometimes we can inadvertently just take things for granted. I wholeheartedly encourage all to be mindful & to fully appreciate those ‘rocks’ around you, that soldier on for your benefit, without asking.

For me I am very lucky to have such a supportive wife, that I do really love & appreciate dearly. I do remind her of that fact, just perhaps not enough.

It doesn’t just have to be family though, it’s those friends around you that have your back, & check up on you – those people are gold dust. Look after, nurture & let these people know you care about them.

In this busy, lightening pace, modern world we live in, actually taking the time out & appreciating people, not only creates a greater bond, but lets them know you care and consequently has a knock on effect to their overall wellbeing!

Spread the word! 😊

Best wishes


p.s. The picture is of my mum & dad & totally encapsulates the unconditional love & care after more than 50 years of marriage.