Up the weights and get sweaty for fat loss.

New Year ; renewed enthusiasm for exercise and results?

If one of your goals is fat loss, are you doing some heavy resistance exercise to help achieve this? If not, you would do well to start. Do not be afraid to lift heavy weights, so that you fatigue at the 8th to 12th repetition, or even less. As long as you have good form throughout.

If you perform each resistance set like this you will force your body to break down muscle tissue and rebuild it stronger. This leads to enhanced muscle fibre recruitment during activity, increased number and size of muscle fibres, and release of fat molecules from between muscle fibres, and a slowly increasing metabolism. Ideally you will be sweating, and getting out of breath while resistance training; this is a good sign that you are releasing important hormones for strength gain, e.g. human growth hormone.

Fat (adipose tissue) resides within muscles as well as under the skin and between / around our organs. Losing fat takes time, and is not visually obvious at first, but it is happening inside our bodies, as well as in more superficial places. Strength training twice a week (20-30 minutes of intensive exercises will be enough) sustained for 3 – 6 months may produce some visible results, and then you can maintain with once a week. Be consistent and raise the resistance when you can – keep up the intensity, and rewards will come if you are patient.

This article is a good summary and offers some good points on how to resistance train for optimum results.  Enjoy!