Voucher for personal training or pilates as Christmas gift idea

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Yes I know, it’s still only October, but the red berries are out on the holly and thoughts turn to winter and inevitably, Christmas. If you have started to think about Christmas presents, why not give a gift voucher for personal training or pilates sessions?

You can give one or more sessions to your family or friends to show that you support their intentions to live a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes people get stuck in contemplation mode, thinking about taking action to improve fitness or maintain a healthier diet, and need a helping hand to encourage them to take the steps required. You can be that helping hand. You can start them on the path to enhanced well being and physical vigour. Even one session can set someone up to improved habits and the motivation to be more active.

We can send vouchers in the post or give to you personally. Email personalspace@gmail.com for more information or to buy a voucher.

Lisa 🙂