Wake up and smell the coffee

A client decided to cut down on sugar in his coffee, and has been so successful at this that I wanted to ask him a few questions and share his answers with you. His answers are in blue.
How long have you been having sugar in your coffee? Since I was a teenager, thirty years ago!
How much sugar were you having in each cup? Up until last year, three heaped white sugars
How many cups per day on average? 6 cups of coffee
How easy was it to cut down? I went down from three to one last year. It was ok. The taste took a bit of getting used to, but I reminded myself every day about how nice it was to taste the different textures of the coffee. 
How long did it take to cut down to zero? I cut to zero last week.
Has there been any noticeable effects of cutting down as yet? I felt a bit spaced for a few days, and now I am starting to feel a bit more energetic. I am already starting to enjoy the taste of the coffee without sugar.
Any other useful comments? My father in law died of heart disease at 68, and my older brother was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. In both cases, lifestyle was implicated. Once I made the decision to quit sugar it has been easy. The difficult part was avoiding procrastination, and just getting on with it, rather than putting it off. It has also made me much more aware of the amount of sugar I take on board in other ways. I enjoy ginger beer, and my friend pointed out last week that a nice bottle of organic ginger beer contains as much sugar as a can of coca-cola. 
 A few facts about sugar –
1 gram sugar = approx. 4 calories. 1 teaspoon = approx. 20 calories.
Average consumption of sugar in the UK per person per year (in 1986) = over 45 kg
Great book about sugar = Professor John Yudkin’s ‘Pure, white and deadly’.
Yudkin believes that with avoiding sugar “you are less likely to become fat,  run into nutritional deficiency,  have a heart attack, get diabetes or dental decay or a duodenal ulcer, and perhaps you also reduce your chances of getting gout, dermatitis, and some forms of cancer, and in general, increase your lifespan.”
I love Yudkin’s book. He uses everyday language and scientific evidence to explore how sugar is damaging our health.
Lisa 🙂