I think times are changing. At one point it almost seemed unheard of to go places without breaking into a trot, jog, run, whatever you want to call it.

Now walking seems to be picking up credence in terms of physical exercise within power and Nordic forms, but also by just keeping moving!

Walking in my book, even just a casual stroll, has huge benefits on many levels. It doesn’t have to be lung busting to decrease stress hormones and help us feel better. It has also been shown to help concentration, improve overall mental health including depression and have a healing effect on the brain.

For my clients wanting to improve body composition, increasing overall movement has huge benefits for calorie deficit. You can potentially burn more calories by moving more over the day, than within a small workout window.

Where you walk has an impact too- the woods, the sea, and countryside all seem to have a restorative effect more than just city walks.

I would encourage all to move a bit more and feel and see the difference!

Best wishes