So you wanna get a 6 pack?




As I write, I’m sat quietly downstairs at the empty gym just contemplating. The clouds are dark & heavy and there is a fine persistent curtain of rain drifting & gliding across the front glass. The atmosphere makes me think of my own temperament & that of my clients.

I think a lot, which at its best is thought provoking & helpful, & at its worse analytical & critical.

I get frustrated if I take a bit of a downward spiral in my mood, but of course I remind myself, that it is absolutely realistic & normal for moods to fluctuate.

I remind myself that life is not full of high octane, high excitement moments all the time & actually a big bulk of it is dealing with day to day tasks – just ‘life’ stuff that must be done in job & personal dealings.

I feel very honored to work so closely & personally with so many clients over the years, & it’s why I rate happiness to be such a priority, in not only my own & my families life’s, but my clients too.

People come to me for my help because at some unconscious (and sometimes very conscious) level there is an unhappiness about their overall wellness, fitness & very commonly how they perceive themselves to be physically.

It helps enormously if you are at peace with yourself on a number of levels & its something I’m still working on after all these years.

Obviously I think it helps to be realistic about your own expectations & also know what’s truly possible with your own personal resources & situation.

It is far too easy to compare & believe that things should happen more quickly, easier or better in some way.

I think social media can be a double edged sword here because in one way it inspires & motivates & in another it sets high expectations of what actually is possible in the ‘real’ world. By that I mean, still functioning on everyday life, whilst following your fitness goals.

I think with any fitness/wellness goals you decide to follow, its a question balance and realism.


As hard as that might be to believe now, I once had a six pack (as the picture shows). I only got it through sheer bloody mindedness, determination & blooming hard work both through exercise & food manipulation.

This was prior to kids when most of my life was focused on getting in shape.

Could I do it again! Yes, if I really put my mind to it, yes I could. The issue here of course it means increasing my exercise routine to extremes & also having a hyper strict diet for many, many months. So it is possible, but at a price. It’s depends how badly I want it.

So where am I going with this?

With your own fitness goals & contentment you have to decide what’s realistic with your own lifestyle & how much you are prepared to sacrifice to get what you want. It’s a balance & it’s important you personally decide what you are prepared to do to get it.
Know what’s realistic, what you are capable of, & then try & establish some parameters to suit a long term approach.

Best wishes