What I want my twins to know….


Throughout my life I have obviously experienced different stressors – some major, some less so.

The thing is, as you get older and reflect, you realise that those things, were really not worth worrying about, at all. They seemed it at the time, but they really weren’t worth losing sleep or making you feel unwell.

It’s not until you have gone through more major issues you think – why did I fret and get so worked up about those minor issues?

I realise now, from my reading and learning, that all those negative stresses have a propensity to cause a much greater level of detriment, than I had previously realised.

Stress can cause major impact on our hormonal response. We thrive, of course, on a certain level, but frequently they become imbalanced, to our detriment.

I was lucky enough, for a time, to work at Frenchay Hospital running cardiac rehabilitation classes. What was very enlightening to me, from what I expected, were the numbers of young men (late 30’s early 40’s) who were there, either post event or post heart op. The common denominator?

I can’t say for sure, but I do feel my mums pathway down Alzeimers wasn’t helped by her constant state of worry and stress.

With my twins, Olivia and Tom, coming up to their GCSE exams, it’s huge pressure and stress, at such a young age. What would I want them to know that I didn’t then?

That whilst you want to do the best for yourself in these exams, it’s not the be all and end all of success, by a long chalk.

Over the years I’ve had quite a number of clients who left school with pretty much nothing, and did extremely well for themselves!

Through life the twins have already started to learn key factors in what’s necessary to get on in life – tenacity, drive, commitment, hard work, and focus, to name just a few.

That whilst in early years we are judged on our academic performance, there’s SO much more to life.

I really want to ensure they are happy and content. If you have that, you are the richest person on the planet.

I really want them to develop a love and lust for life, and truly make the best of it.

Not only enjoy life, but be enthused so much that it makes it infectious to others to be around.

I want them to continue to learn, grow spiritually and develop, but not at the expense of their own health.

I want them to be aware of the impact stress can have personally and get it in perspective of their own situation.

Personally, I have to admit, over the years, I haven’t been perfect, but there again you learn by making mistakes and by the application of your knowledge gained. Yet another life lesson for my kids to learn…..

Best wishes