We are back! 😊

We are SO pleased to tell you that we are re opening on Saturday 25th July, to do INSIDE training, at Personal Space! πŸ˜Š 

Now, as you will have read in one of our recent blogs, obviously there will be strict guidelines for all our clients, and for all the trainers.

Your safety is paramount, that’s why we will do all that’s necessary to make your workout safe and effective, with all the new measures in place. 

We do realise that there will be some of you not quite ready to come back yet, and we fully understand that, but we can support you in the wings, online, if you prefer. 

We are also offering outside training too, if you’d prefer that. 

I would suggest you contact and liaise with your own personal trainer, to work out safe entry, back to it! 

We all very much look forwards to seeing and helping you again very soon! 

Best wishes 

Stuart and Lisa