We are back in action! Yay!

It’s great to be back at Personal Space and more importantly seeing all our lovely clients once again!

We certainly havn’t been resting on our laurels during lockdown, by any measure!

Nicole and Jorge took on the task of bringing the panelling and stairs back to bare wood and then staining and painting around. Lisa and I, including additional help, have been re tanking downstairs and painting inside and outside of the gym. Phew! 😅

We are still continuing to improve all areas, but this will be ongoing over the next couple of months, with no interruption of usage. (I think we’ve all had enough of those!!)

We have welcomed most of our clients back now but are still waiting for a few to get back to it. It’s always tough after a lay off, but the feedback from those that have, say they feel great! (Well after the initial achiness!) 😂

In relation to the new ownership of Personal Space, we realise that change for some can be difficult, but we wanted to reassure those with any concerns that Nicole and Jorge still uphold the foundations of what it stands for.

The gym was set up to encourage those to train in a safe, effective and non intimidating environment, and that will still hold true after lisa and I have left.

We are excited that Nicole and Jorge bring new energy to Personal Space, continuing our legacy, and see it going on way beyond what is now 21 years this very month! 

Look out for blogs and maybe a vlog or two, over the next few months, as you find out more from both Jorge and Nicole, who now focus on taking over the helm fully on July 1st.

Best wishes
Stuart and Lisa