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Charging around on my scooter, a Christmas present from attentive husband, is bringing lactic acid to my thighs on a daily basis. It’s been great fun scooting to the shops, to school, and to work from the Downs and has really exercised my legs with even short journeys.

On flat ground, after about ten pushes I need to switch legs to recover. I never realised what effort is required to play on a scooter. On slight decline stretches I just float along for the ride, and on steeper sections I dare myself to keep hurtling down in the hope I can break hard enough to avoid landing in a heap. Slight inclines require constant effort and induce a lovely warmth, much needed in these current cold days.

This scooter folds down to store neatly, e.g. in the supermarket trolley whilst shopping, looks very smart and funky, and is light to handle. It saves me time, is fun to use, and I wonder whether I might start a trend?! So far I’ve had some amused glances, but, in time, they might be following my example!

So, if you want an exercise that can be harder than walking, but maybe not as hard as running, why not give scootering a go.

Lisa 🙂