Week 1- ketogenic plan findings!



Following on from my seminar that I recently went on together with copious amounts of reading, I’m reporting back on week one of the ketogenic eating plan.


The plan isn’t new, as there’s been lots of research on the subject, but I think it’s getting more credence now with the news that’s fats aren’t as bad as previously thought, and that sugar is believed to be the new enemy!


When following the plan what you are attempting to do is get the body to switch to using fat as its primary fuel.
This is why you drop carbs low (25g or less in this case) a day so that the body is forced to use fat instead of sugars.


Whilst the body is doing this it can be a tough initial phase and there can be a few side effects, but these improve after the switch.


It’s worth noting that you can come in & out of ketosis & you have to be careful especially not to let carbs go high or eat too much protein (higher protein can be converted to make carbs) as then you are back out of ketosis.


Here’s what I report back about my experiences in week 1 on the high fat, high protein & low carbohydrate eating plan;


My hunger is knocked straight down!

Straight away my overall hunger dropped like a stone. Much more satiety effect from higher fats in my diet.


I’m thirstier!

Your daily water suggested intake includes water
attached to food. A lot of carbs has a high water content, so I did expect it, obviously low carbs means lower water intake.

I’ve lost 2kg body weight

I am weighing just to track & for interest but I will be checking clothes size & looking at pictures to also monitor. A lot less feeling bloated as well!

Mind fog / tiredness

This is common when the body switches over to using fat as fuel. My mind is clearer & the tiredness has already gone!

Better sleep!

For some reason prior to starting this regime my sleep was all over the place- couldn’t sleep, waking up, just very disjointed.
Wow! Instant sleep improvement – feeling loads better already for the great restorative effect sleep has!

Ketosis breath!

This can be a side effect when you break down ketones. I bought a really good 12 hour breath freshener -CB12, which cured it instantly!
(Trust me, my family would tell me if not!!)

Stronger/elevated heart rate (temporary)

This can happen when stored carbs are at its lowest. The body puts more adrenaline into itself to try & get more energy. It was fleeting for a couple of hours and then went.

There you go first week down & very interesting results.

More next week!

Best wishes
Stuart 😊